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Your EcoCoach™ will equip your business with a tailored, specific, and impactful environmental strategy, creating relevancy and resiliency for the current and future economy.   
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À la Carte

Your EcoCoach will review your business's needs to create a custom plan that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in your organization, to suit your budget.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Energy Use Reduction

We scale the change to your organization's goals; optimize energy consumption, switch to renewable energy, or even sell power back to the grid, and turn a cost centre into a profit centre. Solutions abound here, and can be as simple and cost-free as changing SOP's and employee behaviours.

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Eco-Supply Sourcing

Using your influence as a buyer of materials is an impactful way to influence positive change. Many shifts towards sustainable materials positively affect the bottom line. Your EcoCoach™ will assess your purchasing, source the greenest suppliers, and prioritize the recommended shifts based on impact

Paper Cup
Zero-to-Landfill Solutions

Waste has purpose. Innovative solutions abound in today's world, and very little actually needs to go to landfill. Mindful purchasing, recycling, and re-use solutions are impactful ways your business can reduce waste and its associated management costs.

Wind Turbines on Water
Carbon Reduction Strategies

Your EcoCoach™ will assess the areas of your business where carbon output occurs, both upstream and downstream of your operation, and if neccessary, guide you through how to purchase offsets. However, many carbon reduction strategies occur in-house and are the most simple, impactful parts of your company's move towards sustainability.

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Eco-Marketing and PR

Your customers and stakeholders should know about any actions you take to protect our shared environment. Your EcoCoach™ will show you how to tell the world about what you are doing for the planet and attract eco-conscious customers.

Recycling Bottles
Recycling Simplification

One of the greatest considerations in implementing a recycling program is ensuring it is used properly. Your EcoCoach™ will find the most efficient and impactful recycling option for your business and ensure that all users know how to use it. This can be as simple as new labelling on the designated bins to reduce confusion and increase diversion rates.

Wheels of Motion
Circular Economy Material Discovery

Material inputs into a business can often be sourced from other organizations or processes' waste products such as reclaimed metals, heat energy or fibres. Material outputs currently considered waste can often be sold to other organizations. The circular economy is a living, breathing, connective entity with challenging local intricacies to consider. Your EcoCoach™ will help you break into this realm and discover the opportunities.

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Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Every government on our shared planet has implemented new environmental regulations that affect business in order to comply with their UN Paris Accord commitments. More regulations loom; your EcoCoach™ can show you the path to not only becoming compliant but anticipating and influencing future regulatory measures. Governments around the world are now welcoming business as a partner to inform and guide them to regulations that support industry best practices. As a welcome side-effect, this step will often build resiliency into your supply chain and operations.

On-Site Eco-Program Implementation

Should you require a physical, on-site helping hand to get your green initiatives off the ground, your EcoCoach™ will step up. From implementation to reporting, they will be your eyes, ears, and hands for all environmental projects.

Warehouse Shelves
Life Cycle Assessments

Gain insightful awareness of the full upstream and downstream impacts of your product or service. This eye-opening process often opens windows to myriad opportunities for improving your business's dependency on our ecosystems. Knowing everything about your product's supply chain and end-of-life breathes clarity into your leadership team's knowledge base, and reveals areas of costly, wasteful behaviours and processes.

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Employee Engagement Sessions

Environmental initiatives done well can excite employees and bring great pride and value to the workplace. Employees are increasingly seeking green workplaces that align with their values. Your EcoCoach™ can host info sessions and tutorials to explain green changes, facilitate a smooth roll-out, and ensure the long term operational success of the initiative.

Solar Panel Installation
Full Sustainability Evaluation

For companies looking to completely rewire their relationship with the planet, become a Certified B Corp, transition to a triple bottom line company, become restorative, be an environmental leader, this is your package. Your custom solution will include most or all of the above-mentioned services.

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