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Finite resources. Climate change. Supply chain risks. Consumer awareness. Our children's future.
Clean air, water, and communities.
Looming regulation. 

No matter the issue that brought you to reevaluate your business's relationship with our shared environment, you are in the right place. Eco Coach was built to guide your business to peak sustainability. 


The planet is speaking. It's telling us to rewire the relationship that business has with the planet. Humanity has the tools and the technology to reverse global warming. Our coaches gives you the roadmap and the access to do your part and provide full implementation services where desired.

Our Global EcoCoaches™ are alumni of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and will guide you on your journey to true sustainability.

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Jennifer Henry

Founder and Principal


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Jennifer has personally coached over 300 small businesses to achieve sustainability in waste diversion, carbon reduction, supply sourcing, and more. Jennifer is driven to discover and implement circular economy solutions using waste as a resource, and guiding businesses to the realization that being green is profitable.

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Alan Mee



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Dr Anna Itkin


A scientist by training, Anna is an analytical and critical thinker with a strong ability to think in systems and across disciplines. With an unconventional career path, international and cross-cultural life experience, she has an edge – She sees things differently. 

Passionate about sustainable development and driven by the vision of systems change, she co-founded The Inceptery, a sustainability-driven innovation consultancy. They apply design frameworks to create new streams of value and enable business growth with positive environmental and social impacts. "It’s not about tearing down old ideas, it’s about creating new ones."

Alan is a sustainability specialist with 25+ years’ experience working with large organizations to translate business objectives and sustainability imperatives into delivery plans. Based in Ireland and working globally, Alan leads teams to deliver sustainable change in complex environments with competing stakeholders, challenging risks and intense regulatory scrutiny. Alan delivers sustainability strategies, stakeholder plans and corporate social responsibility programs for a wide range of businesses.


Specialties: Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Performance, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Relations, Community Development and Investment, Human Rights and Business, Cultural Heritage, Business Development, Team Building, Risk Assessment.

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